The Amazon Rainforest has long been at the centre of international debate about its protection as a vital lung of the planet, a heritage of the whole of humanity, as a biodiversity reserve and as the territory of the people who have lived there since before the arrival of the white man. In the global collective imagination it represents the symbol of the archetypal and primordial Forest, still intact. This integrity of the forest, even in the collective consciousness, is under attack by national policies that are difficult to challenge by developed countries. Its preservation is identified as the last hope for a humanity that is struggling to develop a global consciousness of its impact on the biosphere, of which it is part and in which it lives, and that is marching fast towards its own extinction.
Recent events such as the resumption of deforestation policies, more or less official, and the Synod of the Catholic Church on Amazonia, have brought attention back to the problem.  
The destruction of the Forest as well as of the environment in general represents a hopefully reversible phenomenon: it is possible and necessary to give messages in this sense to as many individuals as possible with the greatest frequency and the greatest possible "penetration". 
The possibility of getting to know the Amazonian environment in a more in-depth and direct, albeit intermediate, way can bring a greater number of people closer to a new sensitivity and greater "operativeness" towards the environmental problem. 

I guess a man is the only kind of varmint sets his own trap, baits it, and then steps in it.

John Steinbeck

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