The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest has long been at the centre of international debate about its protection as a vital lung of the planet, a heritage of the whole of humanity, as a biodiversity reserve and as the territory of the people who have lived there since before the arrival of the white man. In the global collective imagination it represents the symbol of the archetypal and primordial Forest, still intact. This integrity of the forest, even in the collective consciousness, is under attack by national policies that are difficult to challenge by developed countries. Its preservation is identified as the last hope for a humanity that is struggling to develop a global consciousness of its impact on the biosphere, of which it is part and in which it lives, and that is marching fast towards its own extinction.

The Project

Main project of the Transamazonica2020 is to document the current state of conservation of the Amazon Rainforest, illegal logging and mining activities, as well as the way of life of indigenous and colonizing peoples, allowing followers to follow the journey on a daily and sometimes live basis, in order to launch a global call for the protection of the environment in general and the Amazon Rainforest in particular. 

We will also..

Plant one tree every done km

We will plant a tree every km travelled, per person, as a symbolic gesture against deforestation, as an active integration of an eco-sustainable journey.

Donate to reforestation organizations

Donations received will be donated to organizations for humanitarian and reforestation projects.

Document the Rainforest "as it is" with the support of experts

A team of experts will help us describe everything we encounter, positive or negative, to receive complete and unbiased information about rainforest's conservation status.

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