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Welcome to our project, and thank you!

Hey there!

Thank you for being here, your visit it's a honor to us. As you maybe have already read in here, our project is to document the Amazon Rainforest conservation status "as it is", describing logging, fire, clima, flora, fauna, human imprinting - etc - with the huge help of our experts, fundamental part of the project.

In a world where the information has been controlled for different reasons than to just "inform", we want our followers to have full unbiased documentation of everything what will happen around us, both the beauty of the forest, such as the "suffering" of this.

Our journey will be totally eco-friendly, riding bikes, and avoiding - when possible - the consumption of animal products.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us in case you want to support or just have some question or suggestion!

Gas, Bea and Albe :)

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