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JUNE 2020


We are three friends starting a cycling project in order to develop and share consciousness about the state of the Rainforest. As the name suggests, from June 2020 we will cycle along the Transamazonian road BR230 in a completely eco-friendly way, and we will document everything that we will go through - both the gorgeous beauty of the forest and the human imprinting on Nature.

Alberto Vaona

Alberto Vaona, born in 1975, lives in Verona and is a general practitioner, researcher, trainer, vice-president of ONLUS Colomitalia, national secretary of AIIC (Associazione Italiana Il Cicloviaggiatore) with 13 years of international travel by bicycle, in almost all European countries, in Central Asia and Latin America. He travels both solo and in company and privileges the cycle-camping style. He was the author of three different travel blogs, the last one, Pedalande, with over 51,000 views and two Facebook pages. Thanks to his travels he has promoted fundraising for various humanitarian organizations (PONTI ONLUS, COLOMITALIA, AMICI DELLA BOLIVIA, PROGETTO MONDO MLAL).

Beatrice Filippini

Beatrice Filippini, born in 1990, lives in Zurich and is a semi-intensive care nurse, author of the book Pedalande, a story of a 10-month solo adventure in Latin America in 2017, carried out against all difficulties (robberies, accidents, extreme weather situations). Thanks to her travels she has promoted fundraising in support of LA GOMENA ODV cooperation projects.

Gaspare Orlando

Gaspare Orlando, born in 1991, lives in Zurich and is a semi-intensive cardiopulmonary therapy nurse. A vegan activist, triathlete, and adventure photographer, he has been getting closer and closer to camping in a sustainable way, first on a motorcycle and then on a bike, getting passionate about the Alps as close-ups for his sunrise, sunset, and Milky Way shots, all alone. 

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